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M5111 Cabin Grader


The NEILO M5111 Cabin Grader combines power, precision, and comfort to truly revolutionize your grading and leveling operations. Get purpose-built Grader results in a more practical and affordable form. Designed to meet the needs of professional operators, this exceptional machine offers enhanced safety and operator convenience with its fully enclosed cabin.

The innovative new NEILO eCONTROL system enables a more tactile and easy to use operation experience. The levers require less effort, whilst providing more control over your grading. The fully adjustable control arm allows you to position the levers in the best position to suit your operators.

Equipped with a rugged 110.5 horsepower engine, the NEILO M5111 Cabin delivers impressive performance for a wide range of grading tasks. Its advanced hydraulic system ensures precise control over the grading blade, allowing you to achieve accurate results with minimal effort. Whether you're working on road maintenance, landscaping projects, or site preparation, this grader is up to the challenge.

The key highlight of the NEILO M5111 is its spacious and ergonomic cabin, providing operators with a comfortable and productive work environment. The fully enclosed cabin offers excellent blade visibility thanks to large windows and strategically positioned mirrors, enabling you to have a clear view of the grading area from all angles. The cabin is also equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, ensuring a pleasant operating temperature in any weather conditions.

The NEILO M5111 Cabin Grader features intuitive controls and ergonomic seating, minimizing operator fatigue and maximizing productivity during long hours of operation. The cabin's noise insulation contributes to a quiet and focused working environment, allowing you to concentrate on your grading tasks with minimal distractions.

With its sturdy construction, advanced features, and added cabin comfort, the NEILO M5111 Cabin Grader ensures exceptional performance and efficiency, making it the ultimate choice for professionals in the grading industry.


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