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Article: Our FIELDAYS® 2024 Deals

Our FIELDAYS® 2024 Deals

Our FIELDAYS® 2024 Deals

We're showing up at NZ's premier Field Days event; Fieldays® Mystery Creek

And they're only just round the corner. Find us at site 014 on the 12th-15th June 2024.


Buy your Fieldays® tickets here >


In the interests of full transparency, we're sharing our Fieldays deals in advance.

That way you've got time to raise a purchase order and get sign off from the big boss before you enter those green Fieldays gates. Remember to bring your fancy pen to sign the papers! 😉


Our Deals:

1. 1/2 price Trailer with any Broom Tractor 


Take your Neilo broom places it's never been with our half price deal on Trailers.

That's half price on any trailer bought with a Neilo B3150 or L5740 at the Fieldays. If you're lucky you could even take it directly from our site after the show!

View our Grader Range >


2. $5,000 off any Grader purchased 



Q: What's better than a Neilo Grader?
A: A Neilo Grader with 5k off

That's 5K off any Neilo Grader signed up at the Fieldays, be it large or small, Cabin or ROP's.

View our Sweeper Range >


*Please note these deals are only valid at the Fieldays event (12th-15th June 2024). Deals need to be signed or verbally agreed to by a Neilo Representative at the event.

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