Neilo Equipment

Front Mounted Truck Road Broom

Get sweeping with your own truck with a Front Mounted Truck Broom.

The ideal attachment for contractors looking to utilise an asset they already own.

Our Front Mounted Truck Broom kit allows you to turn your road-working truck into a fully fledged Road Sweeper. This broom is powered by your Truck's PTO, which in turn provides the power to the hydraulic system. We do not provide installation, cabin controls, hydraulic hosing, truck modifications, PTO pump and hydraulic tank/reservoir.

• Broom Shroud (new extended 2018 model) with fiberglass indicator stalks
• Double acting slew ram, Single acting lift ram
• Slew Pin, lift pin, pivot pin
• Unique spring activated contour following lateral pivot to substantially reduced brush wear & coning
• Mounting ready to be bolted to modified truck chassis
• Quality 245cc 2000 series Char lynn hydraulic motor
• Idler bearing and idler boss, Drive Boss, Broom Shaft
• One set of new NZ Brush Company Brushes
• Sweeping width 1750mm (5 Brush sections)

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