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Neilo B3150 Tractor Grader

Small Grader. Large Performance.

Although it's the smallest Tractor Grader in our range, the B3150 Grader packs a real punch. Its 31 HP engine combined with the versatile 1.8 M Grader makes for a powerful combo. The B3150 Tractor Grader is an open cab model, fitted with turf tyres to help protect surfaces.

The smart blade design comes with a reversible & replaceable cutting edge as well as 2 detachable wings for increased capacity. Also the folding ROP's allows you to enter through lower doorways and tighter spaces. The ideal Grader for those delicate finishing tasks, and perfect for working inside buildings. With an optional laser interface, you can attach your own laser devices too.


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• New 31HP B3150 HST ROPS Tractor
• 3 range HST Transmission
• Power steering
• Hydraulic independent PTO
• Folding ROPS frame with LED flashing beacon
• 13.6x16 and 24x850x12 Turf / Tarmac tyres
• 1.8 M Neilo mid-mounted grader
• Reversible replaceable recessed cutting edge
• Hydraulic angle and L/R profile

Standardw Loaderw Broom
Height w ROPS Down 1,750mm1,750mm1,750mm
Rotated Blade Width1,920mm1,920mm2,140mm
Rotated Blade Width - No Wings1,760mm1,760mm1,760mm
Fuel Capacity 27L27L27L

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