Neilo Equipment

Neilo M7040 Q Cabin Tractor Grader for Hire

High-Performance Grader Tractor

The Kubota M7040 Grader tractor is the ultimate grader machine for smaller, trickier jobs or general roadworks.

The innovative grading system enables you to make fine adjustments as you move and the blade design enables you to slew on a level plain at ground level when in rolled back mode. The air conditioned cabin provides comfort in all weather conditions and the industrial strength glass cab allows for superior visibility to keep your people safe. 

• 12 speed trans with wet clutch & Hyd. Shuttle & Creep

• 2x DA Remote valves
• Air Conditioned & heated cabin
• Telescopic lift lower lift arms
• Tractors wheelbase lengthened and lifted for stability, clearance and improved grading performance.
• Flashing LED beacon mounted on folding ROPS
• 2.4m mid mounted grader with rev/rep cutting edge
• Hydraulic slew and profile of blade
• Hydraulic side shift of blade
• Hydraulic crowd of blade for superior control of material
• Blade in rolled back mode will slew on level plain at ground level

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