70HP M7040F Grader/Broom Combo

Our rugged Tractor/Grader or Tractor Grader/Broom Combos are designed and built for New Zealand and Australian contractors and our unique down under conditions. The 70 HP M7040’s wheelbase is specifically lengthened by our engineers to facilitate greater blade angle and increased stability while grading.

The tractor/Grader Combo combines the M7040’s advantages with Neilo’s unique blade design to guarantee exceptional cutting and finishing performance no matter how hard the going. Our blade features hydraulic crowd, hydraulic side shift and the ability to slew 50 degrees on a level plain when at ground level, features not common to tractor type graders.

The optional Neilo Broom Combo features a 1.75m 5 section broom with contour following lateral pivot to substantially reduce brush wear and coning. Replacing brushes is a simple task even for a novice operator. The clip on mechanism allows operator in the field to remove the complete broom head in just minutes without tools.

Your Kubota Tractor Grader/ broom combo is ready for work the moment we deliver, inclusive of registration, flashing lights, and operator training. At Neilo we like to make it easy.