59HP L5740 Tractor/Broom Combo

The 59 HP L5740 HST tractor & Neilo Broom Combo delivers the ultimate in operator comfort, brooming performance and reliability for those demanding front line crews where productivity and speed is a factor. The L5740 Broom Combo is available in both air conditioned factory cabin and ROPS platform types. The Servo operated HST “PLUS” Transmission features advantages such as a 2 speed power shift function, step-less lever type cruise control and load sensing auto throttle.

The L5740 cabin or ROPS Combo can be transported on a (gross weight 3500kg) tandem trailer behind a utility vehicle with a 3000 to 3500kg towing capacity such as the new Ford Ranger. Our brooms unique spring loaded contour following lateral pivot substantially reduces brush wear and coning. Brush sections can be changed in the field in just minutes. The Kubota Tractor & Neilo Broom Combo is ready for work as soon as you receive it complete with flashing light and remote mounted “Top Spin” pre cleaner, because “at Neilo we like to make it easy”