B3150 Tractor Broom Combo

Replaces B3000 models as of July 2015

At Neilo we have combined the proven performance and reliability of the legendary Kubota B Series with our own unique broom technology to create the ultimate in compact easily transportable sweepers that can be transported on a tandem trailer behind an average utility vehicle. Our brooms spring activated contour following lateral pivot substantially reduces brush wear and coning. Rugged and powerful enough to be used on the most demanding of sealing contracts.


  • New 31HP B3150HST (hydrostatic) tractor
  • Air conditioned and heated factory cabin
  • 13.6x16 and 24x850x12 Turf / Tarmac tyres
  • Class 1 LED flashing beacon
  • Remote mounted "Top Spin" pre-cleaner
  • Front mounted 1.72M (5 section) hydraulic broom
  • Shroud set up ready for optional rubber flap
  • Unique spring activated contour following lateral pivot
  • Simple 3 minute replacement of brush sections
  • Electric / hydraulic anti drop park valve on broom head
  • In cab joystick control of broom lift, float and angle
  • Broom drive via step up box and PTO hydraulic pump
  • Clutchless hydraulic engagement of broom drive
  • Rear mounted 60litre hydraulic reservoir with filter and site glass
  • Anti-loose fittings on reservoir for mounting safety signage

The 59 HP L5740 HST tractor & Neilo Broom Combo delivers the ultimate in operator comfort, brooming performance and reliability for those demanding front line crews where productivity and speed is a factor. The L5740 Broom Combo is available in both air conditioned factory cabin and ROPS platform types. The Servo operated HST “PLUS” Transmission features advantages such as a 2 speed power shift function, step-less lever type cruise control and load sensing auto throttle.

The L5740 cabin or ROPS Combo can be transported on a (gross weight 3500kg) tandem trailer behind a utility vehicle with a 3000 to 3500kg towing capacity such as the new Ford Ranger. Our brooms unique spring loaded contour following lateral pivot substantially reduces brush wear and coning. Brush sections can be changed in the field in just minutes. The Kubota Tractor & Neilo Broom Combo is ready for work as soon as you receive it complete with flashing light and remote mounted “Top Spin” pre cleaner, because “at Neilo we like to make it easy”


  • 59hp engine with 3 range HST “PLUS” Hydrostatic transmission
  • Air conditioned & heated factory cabin with CD player: cab model
  • Remote mounted Top spin pre cleaner on cabin or ROPS
  • Front mounted 5 section1.75m or  2.1m 6 section Broom head
  • Pivoting type hydraulic lift & hydraulic left right hydraulic angle
  • Convenient  hydraulic  joy stick to control broom lift and angle
  • Broom drive via independent PTO driven hydraulic pump
  • Convenient Clutch-less engagement of broom drive
  • Filtered rear mounted 70 litre hyd. reservoir for maximum cooling
  • Operator can easily replace  brush sections in the field
  • Unique spring activated contour following lateral pivot ensures even brush pressure & reduced coning

Our rugged Tractor/Grader or Tractor Grader/Broom Combos are designed and built for New Zealand and Australian contractors and our unique down under conditions. The 70 HP M7040’s wheelbase is specifically lengthened by our engineers to facilitate greater blade angle and increased stability while grading.

The tractor/Grader Combo combines the M7040’s advantages with Neilo’s unique blade design to guarantee exceptional cutting and finishing performance no matter how hard the going. Our blade features hydraulic crowd, hydraulic side shift and the ability to slew 50 degrees on a level plain when at ground level, features not common to tractor type graders.

The optional Neilo Broom Combo features a 1.75m 5 section broom with contour following lateral pivot to substantially reduce brush wear and coning. Replacing brushes is a simple task even for a novice operator. The clip on mechanism allows operator in the field to remove the complete broom head in just minutes without tools.

Your Kubota Tractor Grader/ broom combo is ready for work the moment we deliver, inclusive of registration, flashing lights, and operator training. At Neilo we like to make it easy.


  • Kubota M7040F 2wd tractor
  • Lengthened wheelbase for stability clearance & heightened grading performance
  • Beacon fitted as standard and remote mounted pre-cleaner where applicable
  • 2.44m mid mounted grader with reversible replaceable cutting edge
  • Hydraulic side shift & hydraulic crowd of grader blade fitted as standard equipment
  • Blade will slew on level plain through 50 degrees at ground level
  • 5 section 1.75m hydraulic drive broom
  • Unique contour following lateral pivot reduces brush wear and coning
  • Removal of 1 nut on LH end plate allows simple replacement of brushes
  • Filtered rear mounted 60 litre hydraulic reservoir for maximum cooling
  • Optional quick hitch and stand for broom

At the request of happy tractor broom customers we have taken the proven performance, reliability and lower running costs of our tractor brooms and applied it to our truck brooms. Clients are reporting this is the best truck broom they have ever operated, resulting in repeat fleet sales to some of our most prestigious infrastructure companies in NZ.

We are tractor people not truck people so this product is available only as broom module for fitting by authorised truck engineers or by our recommended fitters DA McGovern Ltd of Masterton, Dave and his team know trucks, know our brooms and know the regulations.


  • 1750mm sweeping width Hydraulic drive Broom
  • Broom Shroud (new extended 2015 model) with fiberglass indicator stalks
  • Double acting slew ram, Single acting lift ram
  • Slew Pin, lift pin, pivot pin supplied
  • Unique spring activated contour following lateral pivot to substantially reduce brush wear & coning
  • Mounting ready to be bolted to modified truck chassis
  • Quality 145cc 2000 series Char lynn hydraulic motor
  • Idler bearing and idler boss, Drive Boss, Broom Shaft supplied
  • One set of quality new NZ Brush Company Brushes
  • Brushes can be changed in minutes by operator

Push it, pull it angle it. It’s the ultimate clean up tool!

Take just one machine to the job, clean up the job site or access at days end, clean up after slips & floods, sweep road verges after weed removal. Ideal on urban drainage jobs, reach across the trench & sweep, sweep walls and banks, sweep small patch jobs.


  • Sweeping width 1200mm
  • Overall width 1615mm
  • Can be fitted in just minutes
  • Robust galvanised frame
  • Brushes are NZ made
  • One hitch supplied with broom to suit your diggers specification
  • Additional hitches for different excavators available